LikeMinds (@monteeady) is a platform that gives Technology driven students access to one another, while connecting them to the Technology Startups Ecosystem in their community.LikeMinds was originally created in 2012 when I was a student at UW-Milwaukee. Rebranded to LikeMinds in 2016. LikeMinds was created because connectivity from one college to the next college (rather a college in the same school or a different institution) is practically impossible if you don’t already know someone that goes to that school. (This was when I was in school). Our Mission is connecting people, creating partnerships, inspire new knowledge and foster lifelong learning.The vision for LikeMinds is for it to be the main connecting and networking platform for college students and small startup companies. When startups are looking to develop and grow organically, having access to a pool of student that are interested in working for a Startup or just to get real world experience, will allow the startup to move forward and help the student move forward. It’s a win win situation for both parties. #TheBlueprintMKE #FollowTheYES #BGR8 #Tech #Accelerator #BlackInTech #Milwaukee #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneur #MKE