Soul City, North Carolina is a planned community first proposed in 1969 by Floyd McKissick, a civil rights leader and director of the Congress of Racial Equality. Funded by the #US Department of Housing and Urban Development, (#HUD) as one of thirteen model #city projects under the Urban Growth and New Community Development Act. The city was planned to contain three villages housing 18,000 people by 1989. Soul City was projected to have 24,000 jobs and 44,000 inhabitants by 2004. It was intended to include industry and #retail #development for jobs, as well as #residential #housing and services. The plan was for residents to work, get schooling, shop, receive health care, and worship in town. Soul City was the first new town to be organized by African-American businesses. McKissick envisioned #SoulCity as a community where all races could live in harmony.