Aziz Abdullah is the founder of Root Media, a digital marketing agency that focuses on undeserved businesses, & the current digital media director for Courier Communications (WNOV & The Milwaukee Courier).Prior to starting his current business, and role, he was the national sales director for America's fastest growing news and information website on addiction & recovery in the country: Having specialized in telemarketing, national business development, and door to door sales, he took his experiences to develop a business model that integrates modern digital marketing strategies and taps into his passion of assisting undeserved businesses to do so in the process of building Root Media.Root Media has developed a complimentary digital coupon platform called "Digitclipit" that enables their client forward approaching sales team to expedite the clients acquisition process, develop a database of businesses, and capture the data of it's users. In addition the platform addresses the 3 main factors: time, affordability, & intimidation, which have lagged undeserved businesses in properly leveraging digital & technology in their business approaches, to create stability and sustainability in their practices.To date Root Media currently has developed a book of business of nearly 20 clients who they service monthly, are rebuilding their currently digital representation, and have gone to market to begin testing their most recent product "Digiclipit". Get Rooted, Grow Today Aziz Abdulah 414-431-4955 (office) 414-366-1333 (cell) #FollowTheYES #BGR8 #Tech #Accelerator #BlackInTech #Milwaukee #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneur #MKE