Module 1 Google Design Sprint
Unit 1 Design Sprint
Module 2 Starting a Business
Unit 1 Applying for an EIN
Unit 2 Duns & Bradstreet
Unit 3 Register Business with Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
Unit 4 Why Incorporate in Delaware or Nevada?
Module 3 The Cultivator: Idea Validation
Unit 1 Entrepreneur Assessment
Unit 2 Paul Graham - Do Things That Do Not Scale
Unit 3 Product Market Fit
Unit 4 Understanding the Business Model Canvas
Unit 5 Problem Statement
Unit 6 Business Model Canvas: Value Propositions
Unit 7 Business Model Canvas: Customer Segments
Unit 8 Business Model Canvas: Customer Relationships
Unit 9 Business Model Canvas: Revenue Streams
Unit 10 Business Model Canvas: Key Activities
Unit 11 Business Model Canvas: Key Resources
Unit 12 Business Model Canvas: Key Partnerships
Unit 13 Business Model Canvas: Cost Structure
Unit 14 Business Model Canvas: Applications & Analysis
Unit 15 Making Convincing Presentations
Module 4 The Blueprint Cultivator: Market Validation
Unit 1 Market Type, Market Size & Petal Analysis
Unit 2 Entrepreneurial Selling
Unit 3 Entrepreneurial Marketing - Metrics that Matter
Unit 4 Startup Boards
Unit 5 The Art of Startup Finance
Unit 6 Angel Investments
Unit 7 VC Investments
Unit 8 Powerful Presentations
Unit 9 How to Craft a Pitch
Module 5 Capital Raising
Unit 1 The Maximum Viable Churn Rate for a Startup
Unit 2 How to Raise Money - Paul Graham
Unit 3 How Angel Investors & Angel Groups Work
Unit 4 How To Create A Great Investor Pitch Deck For Startups Seeking Financing
Unit 5 How Startup Valuation Works
Unit 6 Valuation
Unit 7 Valuations
Unit 8 Y Combinator SAFE Forms
Unit 9 Option Pool
Unit 10 Term Sheets
Unit 11 Hiring Plan
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