POTTY PearlsTM (@pottypearls) is a product-based company, located in Milwaukee, WI, that provides solutions to on- the-go issues. We sell portable, discreet, TSA-approved pearls that eliminate toileting odor to individuals who prioritize positive experiences and efficiency. Our products are competitive because they are small enough to carry in your hand or pocket, are TSA-compliant, so you can pack them anywhere in your carryon, and is more socially appropriate than sprays.POTTY PearlsTM was started in Fall 2016 when inventor and owner Tyeshia Coopwood shared an adverse bathroom experience with her co-workers. Challenged by her co-workers to utilize her Chemistry minor, she created a product to solve bathroom issues. After two attempts, POTTY PearlsTM were created and have been effective at eliminating toileting odor for men and women ever since.Our mission is to solve issues better. And our vision is to optimize on the go experiences, initially hygiene and beauty experiences, and lifestyle experiences in the near future.#TheBlueprintMKE #FollowTheYES #BGR8 #Tech #Accelerator #BlackInTech #Milwaukee #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneur #MKE