Summerfest Tech Pitch 2022

Local startups competed for share of $50,000 prize!


Summerfest Tech Pitch Competition produced by Young Enterprising Society and in partnership with Molson Coors Beverage Company. This year, the prize competition money is $50,000. All eight chosen participants will win a portion of the $50,000 cash prize.


A portfolio company for students and colleges that tells a holistic story beyond numbers and academics.

Fly Parrots

an AI-enhanced assistive parrot, giving those with neurological conditions a 360-degree field of vision, enhancing their ability to communicate, and uplifting their sense of independence.


The world's first smart basketball hoop, with a high-definition screen for a backboard, which allows you to train like a pro, track your performance and play basketball against other Huupe users right from your driveway.

eCourt Reporters

platform that hosts videographers across the country who have experience filming depositions for use of their services in courtrooms, conference rooms, hospitals, and law firms.

Rex Academy

an educational company that Offers Schools Coding and Engineering Curriculum, which does not require Computer Science background for faculty to teach.

Light Pong

The world's first 1-dimensional (1D) gaming platform. Players can play different games, all on a single beam of light. Light Pong is portable, screenless, and extremely social.


The 1st place $25,000 winner Kwema created a device that works inside and outside your workplace by anonymously connecting and sharing real-time information via Bluetooth beacons placed inside a building or with a smartphone GPS.

Check out these awesome photos from the event!